On productive procrastination and why my girlfriend hates me sometimes

Friday 8th April, 2011

So as I explained last time, I’ve started this blog a year earlier than planned because I got too excited. I’m notorious for starting things and not seeing them through, but this time I’m determined to get it right – despite how intense life as a music student can be, and despite the look of disgust/despair/disbelief on my girlfriend’s face when I told her I’d started writing a blog. She’ll get over it though; it was the same look she gives me if I smell bad or sing in public – it always passes, in time.

I was thrust into the blogging world at the start of this week, when Dr Abi Gilmore (director of the University of Manchester’s Centre for Arts Management & Cultural Policy) and Sophia Linehan (Head of Marketing and Communications for the Manchester Camerata) gave a guest lecture as part of my Arts Administration class. They talked about how important it was to have a finger on the pulse of the Sector (we love our buzzwords and clichés in Arts Admin) and how reading and writing blogs was a great way to do it.

I’m not one to pass up an opportunity (to procrastinate) so I started using Google Reader and subscribed to a load of blogs and Twitter feeds related to the arts, politics, news, and Christianity. It’s been fantastic so far, and is already making me feel a lot more up to date; more like an ‘insider’.

I can recommend it to anyone – the great thing about using an RSS reader (as opposed to just bookmarking a load of blogs) is that everything is right there in front of you in order of the date it was published, and it’s incredibly easy to add things and take things away, so you gradually create your own perfect magazine.

The different blog topics I listed above (arts, politics, news and Christianity) are a good working model for anyone in a similar position, although Christianity is obviously more specific to me – if your god is your stomach, then replace that with cookery blogs. Not that I think of cookery as anti-Christianity. I love cookery. I digress.

Why not set up your own tailor-made magazine? I can recommend Alex Ross’s The Rest Is Noise and Will Gompertz’s Gomp/arts as great starting-point arts blogs. Oh and subscribe to Unchained Melodist too, but that goes without saying…


2 Responses to “On productive procrastination and why my girlfriend hates me sometimes”

  1. Hehe, Christianity is certainly not anti-cookery. God forbid, literally!
    On another note: good blogging skills; funny, personalised and interesting. All good stuff. There’ll be a first flush of enthusiasm then it may feel like chore. Don’t let it become a stick to beat yourself with.

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