More on Saturday’s concert and why Scotland isn’t so bad after all

Friday 15th April, 2011

St Marys Cathedral
Not as big as an English cathedral, but still beautiful!

So I seem to have made it to Glasgow – and so has (most of) the orchestra. And now that the penultimate rehearsal for tomorrow’s concert is in full swing, I can see that the hours spent working through lists of oboists’ phone numbers on Wednesday (courtesy of Google) and the hours of ‘death by sitting’ yesterday (courtesy of Megabus) were well worth it.

Not only does Glasgow appear to be a much nicer place than the news agencies would have us believe – particularly but hopefully not exclusively this bit, the West End – but I’m feeling more optimistic about this concert by the hour. The orchestra is starting to sound amazing, and the reception seemed very positive when I did the rounds publicising the concert in local cafés and such.

There’s not much else I can do now, except to wait and see how it turns out. Is having great musicians, a great programme, a great venue and a great cause enough to guarantee a great audience? I’ll keep you posted.

Rehearsing with soloist Carlisle Beresford

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