On Summer’s approach, and why ignorance is the key to avoiding starstruck embarrassment

Monday 16th May, 2011

When the rain falls
They talk of Manchester
But when the triumphant rain falls
We think of rainbows
That’s the Mancunian Way

Lemn Sissay

My last essay of the year is done, my last composition of the year is hot on its heels, and my Arts Admin exam – well, let’s brush thoughts of that under the carpet for now. My point, anyway, is that summer is not far away, despite this deceptively dreary Manchester weather.

The Dickensian view from my bedroom window

It’s starting already, in a way. I’d signed up to volunteer at Manchester Jazz Festival this July, but on Thursday, thanks to a series of coincidences (long story) I found myself getting involved earlier than anticipated, helping out at a glamorous event for potential corporate sponsors. It was a good laugh and I learnt a lot about arts organisations and their reliance not only businesses but also on board members. Plus, I’m slightly ashamed to say, it filled me with an enormous sense of self-importance: among those present were an MP, an MEP and John Helliwell, although I wasn’t informed until after I’d finished chatting to him that he was the saxophonist with Supertramp. As Mum pointed out though, it’s probably for the best that I didn’t know who he was.

Enough of that – bring on the summer!

'Find your jazz'


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