On long days and why rock is the antidote

Thursday 26th May, 2011

Yesterday was a bit of a slog. Here’s a quick breakdown of why:

  • 0900-1030: Revision for Friday’s Arts Administration exam. Some of it was current and exciting; a lot of it was tediously academic.
  • 1100-1205: Music Society committee meeting. Whilst I’m very excited about Estival, our annual four-day musical extravaganza, I’m not so excited about the ins and outs of the Personnel Policy.
  • 1230-1500: More revision. And some Facebook.
  • 1515-1745: Orchestra rehearsal. It felt like we spent two hours on the same dull few bars of Glazunov’s Violin Concerto…not one of my Desert Island Scores at the best of times.
Then, after a quick cheese toastie, I headed off to Stockport for band practice. Expecting to be far too tired for yet more rehearsing. But I was so wrong! Within minutes of playing, I found energy to play out of nowhere.

I owe it all to the sheer euphoria of Sparks, our incredibly exciting new anthem. Building from a simple opening to a rousing finale, this song is the ultimate cure for tiredness!

Have a listen to the first verse – but ignore the intro, as filmed by Zeb…


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