Hi there!

I’m Ben Horrigan; a Hull-born, Manchester-based student, pursuing a career in the management/marketing side of the arts sector.

I decided it’d be a good idea to write a blog about my experiences once I left uni, but that’s a year away and I got too excited…

So the blog is set to be a healthy mixture of ‘how-to’s and ‘how-not-to’s, depending on how I get on. It’ll be about job-hunting, the arts sector, and being a twenty-something in Manchester.

If you’ve ever entertained a schadenfroh curiosity for what happens to arts students once they’ve walked the plank off the good ship Education and plunged into the icy depths of Real Life, then this blog is for you.


2 Responses to “Me and my blog”

  1. Jonny said

    Stalking just got a lot easier. Thanks Ben 😀

    PS. Blog looks sick mate!

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